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fcsnooker - Experiencing problems with your cue?

Contact fcsnooker for a comprehensive range of cue alteration services available - From Re-Tipping to Custom Made Badges

Based at 282 Ribbleton Lane, Ribbleton, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 5EB - fcsnooker offer and provide a same-day, or next day snooker cue tip replacement service. Normally clients bring their cues to our premises for any work to be completed but we do offer a postal return option for those living further away. Clients must pay for the return postage fees in addition to any work completed if posting cue parts off to fcsnooker.

Please note that same day cue alteration services are charged at a higher rate than next day services. Prices shown below.

Repair Type
Price - Same Day
Re-tip, clean and polish ferrule - (Fit with Elkmaster Tip)
£ 6.00
£ 7.00
Re-tip, clean and polish ferrule - (Fit with Blue Diamond Tip)
£ 6.00
£ 7.00
Re-tip, clean and polish ferrule (Talisman Pigskin Layered Tip)
£ 12.00
£ 14.00
Replace brass ferrule and tip
£ 15.00
£ 20.00
Replace brass ferrule and tip and taper cue to fit
£ 20.00
£ 25.00
Shorten cue and re-taper, fit brass ferrule and tip
£ 25.00
£ 30.00
Re-weight or fix loose weights
£ 25.00
Not Applicable / Available
Fit new leather pad to cue butt
£ 7.50
£ 10.00
Cue straightening services (at the customers risk)
Price from £ 20.00 subject to damage
Not Applicable / Available
Fit new cue joint with male and female supplied and fitted
Price - £ 35.00
Not Applicable / Available
Fit one section of cue joint
Price - £ 20.00
Not Applicable / Available
Clean, sand and re-lacquer existing cue
Price - £ 25.00
Price - £ 30.00
Custom badges and name-plates supplied and fitted
Price - £ 45.00
Not Applicable / Available
Cue extensions - joints fitted and extensuions supplied
Subject to the work and products required - Contact fcsnooker for details
Replace or repair cue splices
Subject to the work and products required - Contact fcsnooker for details
fcsnooker - 282 Ribbleton lane, Ribbleton, Preston, Lancashire, England, PR1 5EB - 01772 702211 - info@fcsnooker.co.uk

fcsnooker - Cue Re-Tipping Services

The cue tip is the only part of the cue permitted to strike the cueball. There are many different kinds of tips, but we recommend `Blue Diamond` or `Elkmaster` tips which are both very good quality tips providing a bonding agent between the phenolic resin of the cue ball and the leather tip. These tips hold the chalk well helping the more technical side-spin and backspin shots required when playing on snooker and pool tables. We also have the latest layered Talisman tips available for those that wish to try something different.

It takes in the region of 20 minutes to correctly remove and change and affix any new tip. Ideally cues should then be left overnight for fixing glues to fully bond prior to any use. Cue tips are available in 9 millimetre, 10 millimetre, 11 millimetre, 12 millimetre and 13 millimetres in size.

We offer and provide a same day, or next day replacement tip service.

fcsnooker - Cue Re-Ferruling Services

Often it's only a question of cutting a new seat for the ferrule to fit onto and no cue length is lost in these cases. In other cases however the existing spiggot / rebate left is damaged and will be unsuitable for re-fitting a new ferrule. In these cases the cue must be unfortunately shortened by the length of the ferrule and around 6 millimetres of cue length is lost.

Some spiggots when revealed may have a smaller bore size than the standard new ferrule about to be fitted. This problem is overcome by using thicker metal ferrules with a narrower bore hole to fit to the peg on the end of the shaft. Thicker ferrules can be made to fit that spiggot, so 'no cue length' would need to be lost in these cases.

Please note that smallest ferrule is 8 millimetres in diameter. Customers should expect to wait at least 24 hours for replacement ferrules and tips to be fitted due to the bonding time required and work involved tapering cues.

fcsnooker - Cue Tapering Services

Many customers like to reduce the size of the cue tip fitted to their cues and bring the cues to fcsnooker for alterations.

Cue tips and ferrules are removed and the cue shaft then tapered to the desired tip size.

The correct size ferrule and tip are then fitted to the reduced shaft to finish the cue at the sizes requested.

fcsnooker - Cue Re-Splicing

Splices on cues can sometimes crack, split and break away as the bonding glues dry out, especially if the cue has been left subject to vagaries in atmopsheric temperature. These splices can be clamped and re-glued.

Additional splices can be also added to your cue, but only low down as higher splices are completed first during the manufacturing process.

fcsnooker - Replacement Joints and Re-Alignment of Existing Joints

Cue joints can often swell and shift out of alignment, especially if stored in warm or hummid temperatures, subsequently damaging threads and recipient joints.

Cue joints can be removed, re-aligned and replaced, or new joints can be fitted to facilitate additional mini-butt and screw in extension products.

fcsnooker - Custom Badges

Looking to change, or personalise you cue? Unhappy with the existing badge, or branding located in the butt of your cue? Replacement badges are available for re-fitting purposes with costs dependant on the materials and design required.

Removing existing badges can damage cue butts, splices, veneers, woods and lacquers and any quote provided by fcsnooker would include the complete repair and renovation of the cue back to its original condition, once the new badge had been secured and fitted.

fcsnooker - Cue Extensions

Most modern day manufactured cues of decent quality come complete with mini-butt extensions and screw-in extending extensions as standard.

If you have an older cue however you may wish to have a mini-butt joint retro-fitted and a mini-butt and screw in extension supplied.

Cue extensions are great for those hard to reach shots down the table, allowing players to use their own cue and tip for these shots and preventing players having to use the rest and long-butt equipment which many struggle to use correctly and effectively.

fcsnooker - 282 Ribbleton lane, Ribbleton, Preston, Lancashire, England, PR1 5EB - 01772 702211 - info@fcsnooker.co.uk
To order a newly manufactured snooker or pool table a 10% deposit will be required to book into the fcsnooker order book. Deposit payments are non-refundable should any table order be cancelled. Final remittance payments payable after the table is fully installed and all products and services have been supp;lied to your complete satisfaction.

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