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"Snooker World Champions - The Embassy Years"

The 'Embassy' World Championships - Year by Year

1976 - Winner Ray Reardon

In 1976 the final of the first embassy world championships was played in Manchester at the Wythenshaw arena.

Ray Reardon was up against self-professed, "peoples champion" Alex "Hurricane" Higgins. Reardon won easily after Higgins conceded the match in the penultimate session after missing an easy pink.

With Higgins conceding the frame and match early, the last session was not played.

1977 - Winner John Spencer

In this year the tournament moved to Sheffield and was to be played at the Crucible Theatre for the very first time.

The final was contested between John Spencer and Canadian Cliff Thorburn, with Spencer winning 25 -21.

1978 - Winner Ray Reardon

After dominating the game of snooker in the 1970's Ray Reardon won his sixth and last world title against left handed Perry Manns in 1978.

This followed earlier wins in 1970, 73, 74, 75 and 1976.

1979 - Winner Terry Griffiths

After a hard fought victory over Eddie Charlton in the semi-finals, Griffith's made the now famous quote "I'm in the final now".

Facing him was Irishman Dennis Taylor, but after another close game Griffith's emerged triumphant to collect the 10,000 first prize.

1980 - Winner Cliff Thorburn

Fondly remembered as the year of the grinder, this final was a classic mix of styles. Featuring Cliff Thorburn against Alex Higgins, the match combined Thorburn's tactical ability and safety play, with Higgin's natural potting and bravado.

An excellent final, saw Thorburn keep his nerve to win 18 - 16. Many wondered if Higgins would ever be world champion again.

1981 - Winner Steve Davis

The 1980's began an era of domination by Steve Davis. Over the course of the next 9 years, Davis would feature in eight finals, winning six.

The Davis era began here, when Davis convincingly beat Doug Mountjoy, 18 -12.

1982 - Winner Alex Higgins

In 1982 the final was contested between two of the most famous names in snooker history, and also two men playing in their last Embassy final, Ray Reardon and Alex Higgins.

Higgins proved too strong for Reardon and a 135 clearance in the final frame meant he was champion again, a full ten years after his first win. This prompted the memorable scenes of Higgins calling for his wife and daughter in an emotional aftermath to victory.

1983 - Winner Steve Davis

After his shock exit in 1982 to Tony Knowles, Steve Davis was determined to regain his place at the forefront of the game.

In the final however, he was up against 1980 champion Cliff Thorburn still celebrating a 147 total clearance in an earlier round against Terry Griffiths. The first televised 147 in Crucible history.

The final was somewhat of an anti-climax with Davis winning comfortably against a strangely subdued Thorburn.

1984 - Winner Steve Davis

In 1984, Steve Davis went on to win his third title in four years against the magic of Jimmy "Whirlwind" White.

Davis totally dominated the first session and the match looked as good as over. Jimmy, with a combination of skill and courage managed to bring himself back into the game, enjoying an excellent second day of the final.

The lead proved too great, the match finished 18 - 16 and Steve Davis was again a worthy Champion.

1985 - Winner Dennis Taylor

Perhaps the most famous match in snooker history.

Played between reigning World Champion Steve Davis and 1979 loser Dennis Taylor the match had everything. As in the previous year Steve raced into a commanding lead in the first session, only for Dennis to counter attack brilliantly to close the gap.

The race continued with both players neck and neck at 17 frames each. The last frame was a little scrappy, which was hardly surprising with all the tension and pressure. After a compelling battle on the final black in the final frame, 18.5 million viewers, a record for a televised sporting event, saw Dennis Taylor triumph 62 -66, after Davis missed a thin cut back, on the black.

Taylor was a very popular winner, breaking Davis's stranglehold on the World Crown.

1986 - Winner Joe Johnson

Joe's Year.

Playing with the freedom of a man with nothing to lose, 150 - 1 shot Joe Johnson stunned the snooker world when he defeated Steve Davis18 - 12 in 1986.

Ever the sportsman, Davis conceded that Johnson had played the best snooker and thoroughly deserved his win.

1987 - Winner Steve Davis

This final was a repeat of the previous year when Davis met Johnson.

There was to be no repeat result however, with Davis playing excellently to win his fourth world crown 18 - 14.

1988 - Winner Steve Davis

The 1988 final had Davis playing 1979 champion Griffiths. Davis was seeking his fifth world title and never looked in danger during this match.

A full nine years after winning the world title against Dennis Taylor, this would be Terry Griffith's last appearance in a crucible final.

Although only victorious once at the Crucible, Griffith's overall record stands comparison with most others in the world championships.

1989 - Winner Steve Davis

This final saw Steve Davis run out an easy 18 - 3 victor against John Parrot. Parrot struggled to find his best form and seemed to be completely in awe of both Davis and the occasion.

Davis meanwhile was at his imperious best, equalling Ray Reardon's record of six world titles.

1990 - Winner Stephen Hendry

The start of an era of dominance by the brilliant Stephen Hendry and the beginning of years of despair for Jimmy White, now known as the best player never to win the world title.

After predicting in season 86/87 that he would win the title within five years, Hendry defeated White 18 - 12 to become the youngest ever player to win the world championship title.

This was the first of five consecutive appearances in the final for Jimmy White

1991 - Winner John Parrot

This final was contested between 1989 runner-up John Parrot and 1990 runner-up Jimmy White.

After dominating the the first session 7 - 0, Parrot never looked back winning the match and World Championship title, 18 - 11.

1992 - Winner Stephen Hendry

A repeat of the 1990 final saw Stephen Hendry again playing Jimmy White.

The match appeared to be going White's way as he progressed into a 14 - 9 lead. At this stage however, Hendry demonstrated all the attributes that have made him arguably the greatest player ever.

A ten frame winning run saw him take the title 18 - 14.

1993 - Winner Stephen Hendry

Capturing his third title in four years Stephen Hendry completely dominated this final against Jimmy White.

An opening frame break of 136 by Hendry set the tone for the rest of the match, with the final score finishing 18 - 5

1994 - Winner Stephen Hendry

Perhaps Jimmy's best chance of winning the title came and went in the final frame of this tremendous match. With the match and title staring him in the face, Jimmy missed a relatively easy black off the spot, allowing Hendry the opportunity to get back to the table.

Displaying his customary nerve Hendry completed a 58 clearance to win the title 18 - 17.

For Jimmy's legion of fans this was perhaps the most upsetting of his defeats in the Embassy World Championship final.

1995 - Winner Stephen Hendry

After three consecutive White v Hendry finals, this championship witnessed a White - Hendry semi-final. The outcome remained the same however, with Stephen Hendry victorious, a maximum clearance to go 8 - 4 up adding to his enjoyment during the match.

This resulted in the 1995 title being fought out between Nigel Bond and a Stephen Hendry seeking his fourth consecutive victory and his fifth title in six seasons.

With a century to finish the match in the final frame, Hendry waltzed home a convincing 18 - 9 victor. This was no disgrace to Bond who had enjoyed an excellent tournament.

1996 - Winner Stephen Hendry

"C'mon. C'mon". This phrase had reverberated around the Crucible as Peter Ebdon fought his way into the final stages of the tournament and ultimately the final against, who else, but Stephen Hendry. For all his passion however, Ebdon was no match for ice cool Hendry.

A wonderful display of consistent snooker would see Hendry comfortably see off the dogged Ebdon 18 - 12, equalling the record of both Ray Reardon and Steve Davis as six times World Champion.

1997 - Winner Ken Doherty

Trying to win his sixth consecutive world title Stephen Hendry was this time drawn to play the brilliant Irishman, Ken Doherty, in the final of the world championship.

Alas for Hendry it was not to be, with Doherty winning the match 18 - 12

1998 - Winner John Higgins

1998 saw a newcomer to the world final with John Higgins fighting his way through. Higgins had been earmarked for world title glory many years before as an outstanding junior and was now really beginning to make his talent show on the world stage.

Facing him was Ken Doherty playing in his second consecutive world final. Doherty however, was unable to reproduce the form of the previous year enabling Higgins to push home his superiority for an 18 - 12 victory.

1999 - Winner Stephen Hendry

Record breaking Scotsman Stephen Hendry did it again. A seventh world title made him the most successful player in world championship history.

Up against first time finalist Mark Williams Hendry was rarely in danger, winning 18 - 11.

Williams looked somewhat drained from his encounters in earlier rounds, but one thing was sure this talented Welshman would be back again

2000 - Winner Mark Williams

The first all Welsh world championship final in snooker history, between beaten finalist from 1999, Mark Williams and the newcomer Matthew Stevens.

Williams won 8- 9 to win his first world title in a match that failed to live up to expectations.

2001 - Winner Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan celebrates with the trophy after the match - Snooker - Embassy World Championship - Crucible Theatre, Sheffield Tuesday May 8.

A shell shocked John Higgins,the match finished 18 - 14 and O'Sullivan was a worthy Champion.

2002 - Winner Peter Ebdon

New world champion Peter Ebdon admitted he felt he was on a "different planet" as he won a thrilling final at The Crucible.

Ebdon held on in a tense deciding frame to beat Stephen Hendry and win a match that finished at past midnight.


2003 - Winner Mark Williams

Mark Williams seals a dramatic 18-16 victory over Ken Doherty to clinch the World Snooker Championship.

2004 - Winner Ronnie Osullivan

The 2004 Embassy World Snooker Championship took place between 17 April and 3 May 2004 at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield between Osullivan and Graeme Dott.

Tthe final winner was Ronnie O'Sullivan, beating Graeme Dott by 18 frames to 8 (the fourth biggest margin in a final, equalled by O'Sullivan against Ali Carter in 2008) in the final, despite Dott having led 5–0.

2005 - Winner Shaun Murphy

The 2005 Embassy World Snooker Championship professional ranking snooker tournament took place between 16 April and 2 May 2005 at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England.

Ronnie O'Sullivan looked to defend his world title which he won in 2004, but the final winner was the relatively fresh faced Shaun Murphy, beating Matthew Stevens by 18 frames to 16 in the final.

2006 - Winner Graeme Dott

The final was contested between Ebdon and Graeme Dott, and the victor was Dott by 18 frames to 14, earning him his first professional title in his 12-year career, and a £200,000 cheque.

2007 - Winner John Higgins

The 2007 888.com World Snooker Championship professional ranking snooker tournament began on 21 April and ran until 7 May 2007 (with the final continuing into the early hours of 8 May) at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

It was won by John Higgins, who defeated Mark Selby 18–13 in the final.


2008 - Winner Ronnie Osullivan

The 2008 888.com World Snooker Championship professional ranking snooker tournament took place between 19 April and 5 May 2008 at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

Ronnie O'Sullivan became the champion for the third time after beating Ali Carter 18–8.


2009 - Winner John Higgins

The 2009 World Snooker Championship (also known as the 2009 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship for sponsorship purposes) professional ranking snooker tournament took place between 18 April and 4 May at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. This was the first time that the World Snooker Championship had been sponsored by Betfred.

John Higgins beat Shaun Murphy by 18–9, winning the third world title of his career

2010 - Winner Neil Robertson

The 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship snooker tournament took place between 17 April and 4 May 2010 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England.

John Higgins, who entered the tournament as the defending champion, lost in the second round 11–13 against Steve Davis.

In the semi-finals, Neil Robertson defeated Ali Carter 17–12 and Graeme Dott beat Mark Selby 17–14. Robertson won the final 18–13, becoming the first Australian in the modern era to win the title.

2011 - Winner John Higgins

The 2011 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship professional ranking snooker tournament took place between 16 April and 2 May 2011 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England. It was the 74th edition of the event and was the last ranking event of the 2010/2011 snooker season. Neil Robertson was the defending champion, but lost 8–10 against Judd Trump in the first round.

Trump and John Higgins reached the final by defeating Ding Junhui 17–15 and Mark Williams 17–14 respectively. John Higgins won his fourth World Championship title defeating Judd Trump by 18–15 in the final.

2012 - Winner Ronnie Osullivan

The 2012 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship professional ranking snooker tournament took place between 21st April and 7 May 2012 at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

Ronnie O'Sullivan became the champion for the forth time after beating Ali Carter 18–11.

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