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Born in Belfast in 1949, Alex Higgins was only ten years old when he began playing in his local snooker hall, "The Jampot". It was a tough environment in which to learn and provided Alex will the mental strength and 'bottle' that would stand him in good stead in his professional career.

As a fourteen year old he was apprenticed as a jockey to Eddie Reavey at Wantage, but due to continued weight increase he was released. He only had one public ride. Alex had maintained his snooker ability throughout this period and as a nineteen year old won the Northern Ireland Amateur Championship and almost single-handed took Belfast YMCA to the British amateur team title. These successes catapulted him into the public awareness and soon after Alex turned professional.

Alex then decided to leave his native Ireland and move to England to make an impact on the professional game here. He arrived in the North West of England and soon developed a reputation for fabulous attacking snooker, playing in money matches, competitions and exhibitions.

Shortly after in his first attempt at the World Championships in 1972, Alex won his first World Professional Snooker championship. He was 23 years of age.

Due to the flamboyant nature of his play and his off the table exploits Alex soon became the most popular and highest profile professional player in the game. The "peoples champion" as he became universally known, attracted media attention wherever he went. His every move was scrutinised and his many indiscretions with gambling, women and drink made tabloid headlines. His fights with the snooker establishment were also well documented, with Alex punished with fines and bans for a myriad of offences.

Over the course of the following decade, Alex would remain the game's biggest box office attraction. He featured in many great snooker matches, won many trophies, had major disappointment and personal sadness, but also featured in many of snooker most memorable moments.

He was a snooker genius, a genuine star who helped make snooker what it is today.

His two world championship victories remain the highlight of his snooker career. He won many other competitions including the Benson and Hedges Masters twice, lost in numerous finals and semi-finals and was Irish Championship from 1972 until 1980.

He was also responsible for arguably one of the greatest clearances ever witnessed. Trailing by two frames to Jimmy White in the 1982 semi-final, Alex produced what is widely recognised as the greatest clearance in the history of the championship. After winning the final 18-15 against Ray Reardon, after clearing with a century, Alex then lost by the odd frame to Griffiths whilst attempting to complete the World / UK Championship double in that year.

It was the following season when Alex won his next major final, recovering from 7-0 down to win 16-15 in the 1983 Coral UK final. This avenged his earlier 16-6 defeat to Davis in the 1980 UK final.

Major successes followed in the 1984-85 season with Alex reaching the Coral UK and Benson and Hedges Irish Masters, whilst winning the Hofmeister World Doubles and the Guinness World Cup for Ireland.

Alex provided a roller coaster ride for his legion of fans throughout the duration of his career as a professional. He provided snooker with huge publicity and an anti-hero figure the general public could identify with.

He remains the most famous player the game has ever seen.



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